Aloha Momma!

Congratulations! I'm so glad you're looking for doula services. A doula (“doo-la”) is a privately hired coach for birth and postpartum support.  A doula helps a mother through pregnancy, birth, and beyond into the early childhood years.

I think of the birthing process as a half marathon.  When you’re training for a half marathon, you need a running plan, nutrition support, core strengthening, a gradient map of the route, and preferably a coach and support team for lots of encouragement.  A doula is a certified coach that can guide you through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and in the delicate postpartum weeks.  As your doula, I can attend births in hospitals, birth centers, or at home.  Whether you’re having a vaginal delivery or a c-section, pain or no pain medication, my services are available to you.  

All birth experiences can benefit from the services of a doula.

 I have experience attending 70+ births at all 5 hospitals on O'ahu (Kaiser Moanalua, Castle Medical Center, Queens Medical Center, Kapiolani Medical Center, and Tripler Medical Center). I offer doula support for home births as well. 

Virtual doula services are offered via phone or secure video platform. 

As your virtual birth doula, I support  you by providing:

  • Emotional support for birthing momma and dad during pregnancy and throughout the birthing process

  • Coaching on how partner can provide physical support during labor in the form of massage and counter pressure, aromatherapy, best birthing positions, creation of your ideal birthing environment, breathing techniques, etc.

  • Tips on exercise and core strengthening to prepare for birthing

  • Advice on pregnancy nutrition

  • Help with creating your birth preferences tailored to meet your individual wishes

  • Education on how to use natural, holistic remedies during pregnancy and your birth experience

  • Childbirth education to prepare you and your partner for birth

  • General explanations of medical procedures

  • Lists of resources to access research and information

  • An extra advocate for your family during this special time in your lives

Virtual Birth Doula Package  $750

My virtual birth doula package is a great option if you already have in-person support from your mom, sister, friend, etc. We will meet on video call with your birth team (birth partner plus anyone else who will be with you). As outlined above, you receive the same doula support as an in-person client (minus me attending your birth). At less than half the price of my birth package, this is also a great way to have a doula if you're on a tight budget. My virtual package includes:

  • Two virtual prenatal sessions (up to 90 minutes) 

  • 24/7 phone & text support (on-call for your birth from 36 weeks)

  • Assistance with creating your birth preferences & preparing for labor

  • One virtual postpartum session (breastfeeding support, postpartum recovery plan, etc.)

Your baby’s entry into this world will be one of the most significant moments of your life.  Having a doula support you and your partner through pregnancy and birth is a great privilege. Your first step is giving me a call. Initial consultation interview is complimentary.