Your baby needs sleep. You do too! I can help.

I love educating families on the importance of infant sleep. Sleep is everything. A rested family is a happy family. When the baby doesn’t sleep, you don’t sleep.

Sleep affects our physical, mental and emotional health. Yet somehow, “sleepless nights” have become the norm among some parenting circles today.

But, I’m here to tell you, there is another way.

You CAN get your baby to sleep, and I can help.

Eight years ago, we were expecting our first baby girl.

Most of the pregnancy books focus on everything up to and including the birth…

We wanted to know what to do with our newborn AFTER the birth.

We read infant sleep books, watched newborn care DVDs, perused parenting magazines, signed up for parenting classes.

By the time our daughter arrived, we had a plan in place to get her sleeping through the night.

Just six weeks and five days later, she slept 8 hours straight.

I felt like a million bucks!  

A couple years later, daughter number two arrived and she slept through by 7 weeks, 6 days.

To this day, both our girls typically sleep 12 hours every night.

We loved our transition to parenthood and it came with ease (thanks to all the reading and learning we did).

Sleep is a natural process, but there are many dietary, environmental and habitual patterns that can disrupt baby’s sleep.

I have been coaching and advising friends and clients for the past eight years on how to achieve the blessed gift of sweet, sweet infant sleep.

It brings me so much joy because I know it’s life-changing.

Getting baby to sleep now will have lifelong health benefits for your entire family.

My sleep coaching packages include an initial in-home (or video call) consultation. The purpose of this visit is to assess the nursery and home environment. I will ask you and your partner about your goals.

You will also fill out my sleep questionnaire to assess baby’s sleep and eating patterns. From there, I will create a tailored day and night routine/ sleep plan.

My sleep coaching also includes…

  • advice on how to handle night wakings

  • early wake times

  • short naps

  • getting baby to fall asleep on her own

  • night weaning

  • Teething

  • growth spurts

  • nap transitions

I will also help you establish a successful routine for naps, bedtime and sleep schedules.

Each package comes with 2+ weeks of support as you implement your customized sleep plan.

0 - 3 months: $450

Let me help you take the stress and uncertainty out of those first few weeks with newborns. The newborn package includes:

  • Sleep questionnaire.

  • One in-home or video call consultation.

  • Nursery assessment and station set-up for optimal sleep conditions.

  • Registry advice.

  • Newborn care advice (swaddling, burping, settling).

  • Breastfeeding support and education.

  • Gentle newborn sleep shaping and settling techniques.

  • Customized daily routine and sleep plan for your family.

  • Phone/ text/ email support for 2+ weeks.

4 - 18 months: $450

It’s never too late to teach your baby how to sleep. My infant package includes:


  • Sleep questionnaire.

  • One in-home or video call consultation.

  • Nursery assessment and adjustment for optimal sleep conditions.

  • Recommendations for equipment and natural sleep aids.

  • Feeding advice (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solids).

  • Settling and self-soothing techniques.

  • Transition plans (eg out of swaddling, crib to bed, co-sleeper to crib, night weaning, etc.).

  • Customized daily routine and sleep plan for your family.

  • Phone/ text/ email support for 2+ weeks.

0-18 months

If you want a coach to come alongside you and show you how to sleep train, I offer in-home support. I will stay with you in your home, conduct a detailed assessment of baby’s environment and temperament, and create your tailored sleep action plan designed to align with your schedule. We will modify the plan as we implement. I will be teaching you, your partner and any other family members or nannies how to implement your baby’s sleep training plan so you feel confident going forward on your own.

Thanks for visiting! I hope to speak with you soon.  

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