Malama Mondays: Valentine's Essentials

Happy Malama Monday lovelies,

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. What do you do to make this day special? Two weeks ago, I got myself organized with gifts for the girls while I was birthday shopping for Madam Blueberry. It’s fun to buy pink and red and be lovey dovey. This is our first year sending Valentines to the girls’ schools. We went to Down to Earth yesterday and found some of these adorable organic, non-GMO lollipops. I get frustrated with all the food coloring and “fake” ingredients in mainstream candy. Do you? I occassionally let the girls have a piece or two, but honestly the majority of these treats get thrown in the trash. I’ve stopped feeling bad about it.

This week, I wanted to share some fun Valentine’s Day recipe ideas from “The Essential Life” book. Did you know that essential oils have been used throughout history to increase sensuality and passion? Essential oils have been known to help relieve emotional exhaustion and increase libido. If you have oils in your house, you can spice up your Valentine’s Day without even going out to the store. Remember that when you’re using oils for emotions, you use them topically and aromatically.

Oils for the diffuser

Passion inspiring blend - This blend came out over a year ago. It smells delicious. Passion can ignite feelings of excitement, passion, and joy. When you use it aromatically, it can also counteracts negative feelings of boredom and disinterest. I’ve been using this one everyday in February just to have more inspiration in life! It’s been great. I love cinnamon, so it’s right up my alley.

Different oils work better for different people. You and your partner have the pleasure of exploring which oils work best for your relationship. Have fun!

Valentine’s Day is not all about you and someone else. Self-care and self-love are SO IMPORTANT. Even if you’re too busy, too distracted, too “over-it” this year for others in your life, then I encourage you to take the time to love you. My dear friend, Kaitlyn Lay of Malama You holistic health coaching, did a webinar on self-love with essential oils. She offers practical strategies and tools for making sure you’re the best version of yourself. You can catch her 30-minute coaching session here on YouTube.

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming classes on O’ahu or an online webinar.

Happy Valentine’s Day,



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