Malama Mondays: Debunking Essential Oil Myths

Happy Malama Monday!

Today I wanted to revisit three reasons some people claim you should not use essential oils for health care. I am all for freedom of expression and all that jazz, but these are simply unfounded.

“Plants aren’t medicine.”

We've probably all heard this at some point or seen it posted on social media. Did you know that many of the over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications today have been modeled after how plants perform in nature? I believe that God created an incredible planet filled with the solutions to many of our current (and future) health concerns. “Natural products (secondary metabolites) have been the most successful source of potential drug leads” (Metabolites. 2012 Jun; 2(2): 303–336. Published online 2012 Apr 16. doi: 10.3390/metabo2020303). While plants have long been the inspiration for pharmaceuticals, we as a society seem to have lost the connection with the plant source itself. Much of the reason that society doesn't give plants Big Pharma cannot patent nature, so the marketing for plants as medicine is nonexistent. We have been fed the deception that nature is weak and pharmaceuticals are the answer (and paid for by your insurance).

Some of you currently agree with this claim that “plants aren’t medicine.” I’m here to encourage you that nature is alive and well. Plants are equipped with a treasure trove of therapeutic benefits. There are various herbal, plant-based options to address your wellness goals. Our family uses essential oils on a daily basis. Essential oils are the volatile aromatic compounds found in bark, seeds, roots, flowers, peel, and other parts of the plant. I invite you to learn more about how we use them for:

  • boosting immunity

  • promoting calm and relaxation in the home

  • aiding in restful sleep (yes, we have two children that have slept through the night since they were infants)

  • promoting healthy digestion

  • helping to ease anxious feelings

  • supporting healthy cellular function


Plant-based remedies cannot be used for healthcare?!?! We prove, through our own experiences, they CAN be every single day.

There is no evidence to support the use of essential oils for therapeutic use

Did you know that there are over 20,000 peer-reviewed published research journal articles outlining the efficacy of essential oils? I had no idea until a couple years ago. Do a basic PubMed search and you will find a raft of studies.

The essential oil company we partner with also employs a number of scientists involved in ongoing research around the benefits of essential oils and their interactions with our physiology. If you'd like to know more, or keep up-to-date with research findings you can check out the website HERE.

You can’t take essential oils internally - they are not safe.

Did you know that you and your kids already consume essential oils? Anything tasting like mint, citrus, vanilla is most likely an essential oil from plant product. Essential oils are on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) List for oral consumption.

When you’re considering the use of essential oils for therapeutic use (to address health concerns and achieve your wellness goals), you need to use the highest quality essential oils. The company I partner with is the most tested and most trusted essential oil company in the world. We do take the oils internally. I feel confident that the vast and growing evidence base for internal use provides a legitimate platform for safe usage in our bodies.

When taking oils internally, you can either put one drop under your tongue (sublingually) for fast absorption or add a drop to your drinking water. For oils that are hotter (like oregano), you would need to utilize empty veggie capsules that you can put the essential oil in and swallow with water.

Some of the benefits we enjoy from internal use include:

  • Naturally cleansing the body

  • Aiding in digestion

  • Assisting with seasonal respiratory discomfort

  • Antioxidant protection

  • Help in reducing bloating and gas

  • Supporting healthy metabolism

  • Supporting healthy cellular function

Plus, the oils can be a delicious addition to your favorite recipes like peppermint bliss balls, lavender lemonade, wild orange in greek yogurt, cinnamon in pancake mix, or cilantro + lime in guacamole.

There you have it.

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