Malama Mondays: “A’ole Ukus… No head lice”


Those of you with little people in school will appreciate this week’s topic. Uku's aka head lice aka "Grossicus Maximus". We have received the notifications from our daughter’s preschool several times, but thankfully we have never dealt with those suckers in our home.

As Benjamin Franklin wisely stated, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". We prevent Uku's with Essential Oils. Our “Uku Spray” is 3-5 drops each lavender + melaleuca + rosemary essential oils. Fill up a 2 oz. glass spray bottle with water (regular tap water is fine), then add your essential oils. Shake up, then spray all over the head.

You need to spray this on your head (or kiddos head) everyday before you leave the house. The lice don’t like the essential oils - you can find more info on essential oil efficacy against head lice HERE and HERE.

The Lavender is good for supporting health brain function as well. Win win!

IF you do find yourself with the dreaded tag-alongs, then you can use the same protocol as above and comb hair with a fine comb to remove dead uku's. Repeat daily until there is no sign of any further intruders.

You can purchase glass spray bottles from Down to Earth here on O’ahu, or online via Amazon, Aroma Tools, or Share Oils. If you need to purchase these essential oils, get in touch with us. We can get some mailed out to you right away.

Is your head scratching right now? Lol.

Malama (care for and protect) Your Ohana,


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