Malama Mondays: Valentines... but not as you know it!

It's Valentines Day on Wednesday! It seems the more I talk to people about this day of celebrating 'love' the more I realize that this is one of the 'holidays' that polarizes opinion. Is it a day for couples? A day to take a chance on that crush you have? A marketing creation? The simple answer to all of those questions is YES!

Confession time - I'm not a huge Valentines Day fan, but what I appreciate is that, after you strip away the candy and marketing, this is ultimately a very public reminder to recognize and appreciate the love that each of us have in our lives. This applies to everyone and in every situation. Loving others and recognizing the love we receive from others is a really important part of 'celebrating' Valentines Day, but there is another aspect of love that gets less recognition but is immensely powerful - self love.

Self love is important... but what is self love? One of the greatest myths about loving ourselves is that indulging our self is a way to give self love. That self-indulgence may take the form of overeating, abusing sex, alcohol, drugs or racking up credit card debt. I've personally used the 'everything in moderation' mantra to rationalize self-indulgence. If left unchecked, what starts as self love can easily morph into something less healthy.

So what's the answer? One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is time.

Carve out time this week to do something that takes you closer to achieving your goals. Journal your thoughts and dreams. Pamper yourself. Carve out time to actually catch up with that person you've been meaning to talk to. Read that book that has been sitting on your shelf for the last few months. Call your brother or sister. Forgive the person that wronged you. Apologize to the person that you wronged.

Loving yourself is having the courage to feel your feelings, even (and especially) the ones that aren’t so pretty. It’s breathing and sitting patiently instead of raiding the refrigerator. It's taking the time to acknowledge that every decision we make brings us closer to our dreams or takes us further away - and then taking action to move closer to where we want to be.

So, what does self-love look like for me this Valentines week?

  • Taking time to read Chris Hogan's Retire Inspired book

  • Scheduling time for exercise

  • Eating well

  • Focus on Grooming! I just finished making my own Beard Balm using doTERRA essential oils! You can check out the DIY video below...

Happy Valentine's Week. Make sure by the end of the week you're one step closer to where you want to be.



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