Malama Mondays: Rollerball Wellness

Happy Monday, Ladies,

Today I want to show you how fun rollerball remedies can be with pretty labels. What is a rollerball? It's a glass vial with a ball lid that helps us to easily glide essential oil blends onto our skin. Topical use of essential oils is safe for babies and keiki and adults, as long as the oils you are using are SAFE and of the highest quality (eg they are meant for therapeutic use). If you want a tutorial on the importance of quality, please book in for a free wellness consultation. I would love to share with you which essential oils I use for our family.

Supplies You Need:

1) Glass rollerballs. I get mine from You can snag a pack of 24 clear glass rollerballs for around $10. I like to get this box of rollerballs because it usually comes with a pipette to dispense the carrier oil.

2) Fractionated coconut oil (or other carrier oil like sweet almond, grapeseed, jojoba, etc). *Note: Do NOT use regular coconut oil. It congeals in cool weather and you won't be able to get your blend out of the vial. You can contact me to get fractionated coconut oil at wholesale price.

3) Essential oils. These are the start of the show! Get in touch with me if you don't already have a wholesale account to purchase therapeutic grade essential oils.

4) Pretty labels + recipes. I love the creators of the Rollerball Make & Take Workshops. They offer waterproof labels, recipes, and invite cards for parties. To get single sheet labels to make your personal rollerballs, visit their website here. They offer emotional blend lables, baby blend labels, kid blend labels, general wellness labels, and more. These make the best baby shower gifts!

Have a fun time making your blends. If you have any questions, just reach out. I love how these rollerball blends make it SO easy to care for and protect our loved ones.



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