Malama Mondays: 5 Cosmetic Brands I Love

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Hope you had a fab Super Bowl weekend. I don’t follow NFL football, but we went to a party and enjoyed fun, food, and fellowship… and the game actually ended up being entertaining in the end. History in the making.

For Malama Monday, I want to talk about our cosmetic and beauty products. Last week, a friend called me after our networking lunch and asked me what make-up I use. She heard my presentation on why I do what I do. I believe in reducing toxins and chemicals in our environment so that our family (for generations to come) doesn’t become a statistic. From newborns to grown-ups, we have harmful environmental threats all around us – in our food, in our furniture, in the air we breathe, in medications, and in our beauty products. The small doses and exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to big issues at some stage in our lives. The scary part for me is that you never know where your tipping point is. Using natural (or mostly natural) beauty products is one of the ways we can protect ourselves and our families from synthetic chemicals.

I want to show you a resource created by the Environmental Working Group. The Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is an online search tool that allows us to look up thousands of different beauty products. They highlight the ingredient concerns and rate them with a hazard key. I love it! While it doesn’t have every single product or brand, it has enough to give us a sense of the brand. Check it out. What’s in your make-up bag?

Here are 5 cosmetic products that I love:

1) Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter

You will LOVE this company. Based in Santa Monica, their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Amen! Ladies, if you enjoy a Nordstrom type shopping experience, then you will love Beauty Counter. The make-up containers and packaging details are gorgeous. The online tutorials offset the need to go to a physical counter. I use the Tint Skin as foundation and the Dew Skin as my SPF moisturizer. They also have a finishing powder that I layer for evening events. I use their eyeliners and lip sheers too. Beauty Counter also does skincare and body products. I prefer to use doTERRA for my shampoo/ conditioner and body oils. So I just use the make-up from Beauty Counter. You have to purchase the products via a consultant. Here is my friend Cathy’s link:

2) Bare Minerals

I’ve used this make-up line for over ten years.I put it on my list because I’m familiar with the brand and still use two of the products.My goal is to switch over to Beauty Counter, but still using up my bronzer and eye shadow.

Bite Beauty

3) Bite Beauty

I walked into Sephora one day and asked the gal by the door if she had any recommendations for a natural lipstick.Surprisingly, she perked up and said, “Yes!Bite Beauty” and started walking me over to the aisle.She went on to tell me that she is horrified at the number of moms she sees in Sephora buying toxic lipstick with their kids in their strollers.“There are so many chemicals in lipsticks and moms are kissing their babies.”I was shocked!She was decked out in dark, crazy make-up, but she was well aware of the harmful chemicals in the products on those shelves.Bite Beauty is a Canadian company that only sells lip color via Sephora in America.My favorite color is “quince”.Some of these lip colors are 97% natural!They are made from natural ingredients.Check them out, ladies.

Joe Malone Read Roses Fragrance

4) Jo Malone Red Roses fragrance

On the daily, I use essential oils as my “perfume.”When I want something extra, I enjoy Jo Malone’s artisan colognes.They use high quality ingredients from plants.It’s not organic or 100% natural, but this is a fun product and makes me feel pretty.If you haven’t been into one of their stores, it’s a fun experience to mix do a fragrance combining session.The Red Roses cologne is delicious when layered with the jasmine essential oil.

5) Jenna Hipp nail polish

Costco sells these fun nail colors. Jenna Hipp designs her polishes with a “Five Free Formula”.I’m sure it’s not the most natural, but it’s eco-friendly and the colors are adorable!Plus, I feel comfortable using it on the girls.

I don’t use mascara, so please post your favorite natural brand below.

The BEST make-up remover I have ever used is fractionated coconut oil. SO easy. I use this everyday as my body moisturizer too.

If you’re curious to learn more about the shocking amount of chemicals in our daily environment, you can check out a documentary called, “The Human Experiment.” Let me know what you think.

Looking forward to sharing more Valentine’s Day recipes next week.

Happy Malama Monday,


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