Malama Mondays: Why I use frankincense essential oil everyday!

Hello lovelies,

How are you this week? I hope you’re rested and ready to edge back into the swing of things.

This week, I wanted to talk to you about why I use frankincense essential oil everyday. Every. Single. Day.

frankincense essential oil

A spot of facts for ya:

  • Frankincense (also known as boswellia frereana, boswellia carterii, boswellia sacra) is a tree or shrub that produces resin.

  • In order to extract the essential oil, the harvesters go out into the wilderness (typically in the Middle East/ northeast Africa) and blanch the trees to cause the resin to leak.

  • Months later, they chip the resin off the tree for sorting and extracting the essential oil with steam.

We call frankincense “The King of Oils” because it is versatile and can do so many things for our health and wellbeing. It affects and benefits our emotions, our immune system, our skin, and our nervous system. When you ask me which oils to use for your health concerns or wellness goals, I’m probably going to include frankincense.

How do we use frank in our home?

  1. It’s in my skincare. I use a hydrating serum that gives me smoother, more youthful looking skin Frankincense is one of the key ingredients. It rejuvenates my skin and helps to reduce the appearance of scars.

  2. It’s in my vitamins. Frankincense supports healthy immunity and cellular function. I’m not allowed to mention all of the ailments that frankincense addresses, but the list is long. Think of any neuro- or immuno- compromised condition ---> you would want to use frankincense. Frankincense is one of the essential oils that can break the blood brain barrier. If you’re a research nerd (like me), check out this short bibliography of empirical evidence supporting the efficacy of essential oil usage in our bodies.

  3. I use it for my doula clients. When I’m working with birth and postpartum mommas, I teach the benefits of frankincense in preventing stretch marks (by rubbing a drop of frank with carrier oil over your belly + arms + legs) and healing the perineal area after having baby (by spraying a blend of frankincense and helichrysum mixed with carrier oil onto the perineum during crowning and after birth). Frankincense is also a gentle oil and can be mixed with lavender (diluted with fractionated coconut oil) to boost immunity and bring peace and relaxation to baby.

  4. I dab it on my face and temples. When I do this, I’m getting two doses of goodness: 1) I dab the frank onto my acne scars for healing and 2) I’m getting the feelings of peace, relaxation, and mood balance that our little friend “franky” provides. In fact, I’m gonna put some on right now!

  5. It’s in our “boo-boo” blend. When you or your kiddos fall off the bike and graze the knee, you can grab your “boo-boo” blend to clean the wound and help the skin heal faster. Add 5 drops each of frankincense + melaleuca + lavender to a 2oz glass spray bottle and top up with water. Spritz, spritz, spritz. No need to touch the wound {since they won’t let you get near it anyway amidst the screaming fits}.

  6. We diffuse it. If you use essential oils, you MUST have a diffuser. We have one in every room. The reason you need a diffuser is because the aromatic benefits of the oils are so powerful. Your brain receives INSTANT signals to change your emotions when the aroma hits. I like to mix 3 drops of frankincense with 3 drops of wild orange. When it’s bedtime, you can do 3 drops each of frankincense and lavender. Sleeeeeep. Zzzzzzz.

There you have it. Six ways I use frankincense essential oil everyday.

I honestly believe that every home needs the highest quality frankincense. Remember that the ways I have mentioned are for therapeutic use. You’ll need a therapeutic grade essential oil, and you can get that through me. PLUS, I have fabulous news. I get giddy this time of year because the company I partner with is SO generous.

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Happy Malama Monday,


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