7 Tips For Holiday Self Care

Boost energy with whole food nutrition

Holiday Care, Malama Momma

You’re going to run low on energy if you don’t fuel your body with the right kind of foods.

Prevent feeling sluggish during your shopping spree by starting your day with a powerful breakfast.

If you’re on-the-go, pack a green smoothie with handfuls of spinach, banana, mango, scoop of spirulina, scoop of protein powder, scoop of chia seeds, scoop of raw cacao nibs, and top with rice milk or nut milk or your choice (almond, cashew, coconut milk).

If you have time to cook, whip up some organic scrambled eggs + sauteed onions + organic chicken sausage. I also boost my energy with the daily nutrient vitamins + probiotics + digestive enzymes + natural energy supplement (contact me if you want the names of these products).

2. Take a hike

Doula in Hawaii

Literally, get out and hike up your local hill or mountain.

In New Zealand, we call this time of year the “silly season”. We all have a lot going on, so it’s important to take time out to get active and enjoy the view from a different vantage point. I LOVE all of the family friendly trails on O’ahu.

There is a Facebook group called Hiking with Keiki that keeps a file on family friendly hikes. Check them out. I also like the curators of Exploration Hawai’i.

Let’s get some endorphins flowing, ladies! The cells in your body and your mind will thank you for it {plus, you can burn off some of the yummy treats}.

3. Eat cake… but limit the processed sugar

Jenna Clarke, Malama Momma

Everything in moderation, right?

However, remember that sugar is one of the most addictive substances on earth. I’m very sensitive to the amount of sugar that my kids get offered. I DO say no more often than not when they get offered candy or treats this time of year.

If you’re also “that mom”, please don’t feel guilty. You’re doing well to limit sugar! You can make your own holiday treats with less sugar for the whole family. I love making these peppermint bliss balls from my friend Samantha with OilTribe New Zealand. Here is the recipe: Click here!

If you’re struggling with the temptation of all the holiday treats, you can keep a bottle of metabolic blend oil in your purse. Drip a couple of drops under your tongue or add to your water throughout the day to curb cravings and appetite.

4. Diffuse holiday blends

essential oils hawaii

Essential oils are powerful and they can change your mood in an instant.

If you don’t already diffuse essential oils in your home, please contact me ASAP so you can experience the benefits. Your emotional wellbeing WILL be elevated with these aromas in your life. I promise.

Why live a mediocre life when you can be optimal and max our your joy?!

Here are some delightful blends to fill your cozy home this Christmas season:

  1. Holiday Joy - add 6 drops of Holiday Joy to the diffuser.

  2. Minty Evergreen - add 2 drops each of douglas fir + white fir + peppermint

  3. Candy Cane Forest - add 2 drops each of Holiday Joy + wintergreen + peppermint

  4. Gifts for Baby Jesus - add 3 drops each of frankincense + myrrh

  5. Winter Wonderland - add 2 drops each of Holiday Joy + spearmint + peppermint

  6. Stress Less - add 2 drops each of Balance + wild orange + lime

  7. Santa is Coming to Town - add 2 drops each of wintergreen + cinnamon + clove

5. Watch the sunset {or smell the roses…. take a moment to enjoy God’s creation}

hawaii doula

Are you stopping to acknowledge and enjoy the natural beauty around you?

Gratitude is essential for self care. Don’t you agree? Take a moment this holiday season to watch a sunset, stare at a fire, smell a flower, frolic in the snow, or swim in the ocean (for those of us in warm climates).

I’m constantly surrounded by beauty here in Hawai’i and filled with thankfulness that we live the life we are living. When we express gratitude, our perspective shifts. We create space to appreciate all the blessings we enjoy. Self-care flows from abundance. When you’re bogged down with drama, stress, to-do lists, errands, then it’s hard to focus on yourself and your needs.

Take some time to be in nature to reflect on all the GOOD in your life, then invite MORE of that into your life.

6. Get a mani / pedi … or a facial… or a massage… or get your hair did {you get the idea}

malama momma

I enjoyed my annual gel manicure today.

It was so fun getting the festive designs. I love it. While I only do this once a year because I don’t like the chemicals and thrashing my nails, it is SO fun to look forward to this every year. While it might seem impossible, take time to pause and R E L A X. You deserve it.

2016 has been a big year for many of us. Create some space and time to fill your cup. I believe that when we put ourself and our needs last, we are the worst version of ourselves. Don’t be that girl. It’s not good for anyone. Your family, your friends, your work mates, your tribe deserve the best version of you.

Whatever your relaxing ritual involves, DO IT THIS WEEK! If you didn’t budget for nails or a massage, then check out the next tip. DO NOT GO INTO DEBT over your self-care ritual.

It’s not worth the money stress that comes after. Some cheap, DIY ideas outlined below.

7. Host a DIY “Girls Night In” Spa Night with your besties

doterra spa party

Are you making time for your girlfriends this holiday season? Hope so.

A spa night is a great way to get your relaxation and girl time in during these cozy winter months. The company I partner with offers a range of delicious spa products. If you have a wholesale account, I recommend the mud mask, skin care line, body butter. Make sure you put one of the holiday diffuser blends into your diffuser, and enjoy some yummy treats.

Need some ideas to make your own sugar scrub and fizzy bath bomb? Check out last week’s Mālama Monday blog post on DIY holiday gift guide for the recipes. These are SO cheap and easy to make yourself.

While you’re washing your face, soaking your feet in epsom salt water, applying your mud mask, hydrating your skin… take the time to ask your friends what they are looking forward to in 2017.

What are your dreams?

What are you afraid of?

What is your vision for how the year will pan out?

I love doing life with all the incredible women in my world. Can’t wait to host a spa night in our new house soon {we get the keys on Wednesday - eeeeek!}.

Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

You are beautiful, my friend. I hope you enjoy these gentle reminders to prioritize yourself this holiday season.

I would love to hear your idea too - comment below.

Much love and aloha,

jenna clarke, malama momma

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