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Yay! Malama Mondays are here.

Every week, I’m going to bless you with tips + information + wisdom + recipes + inspiration on how to care for and protect yourself, your family, your friends, or your clients.

“Malama” is Hawaiian and means “to care for, to preserve, to protect”…

Malama Momma Mondays

I love love love this word and all it entails. As women, we have a responsibility to care for ourselves and our families (both immediate and the family of friends we choose to do life with). It’s a privilege to share with you.

What are your favorite ways to do self-care and keep your family healthy? I’d love to hear from you.

For our first Malama Monday, we have 4 DIY essential oil holiday gifts.

Ladies {and gents}, these are SO EASY + SO CHEAP + SO HEALTHY for your friends and family. If I can do these, anyone can. DIY crafts and gifts is not my forte, but most of these can be made in less than 10 minutes.

You will save money! Did you know that the average American will spend about $962 this Christmas. The average American household has around $15,000 in credit card debt too.

All of these gifts are $5 or less to make. Score! No one has to know the price.... they will just see luxury and feel loved.

Gift #1 – DIY Organic Candy Cane Sugar Scrubs

DIY Candy Cane Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

This recipe is so easy. Why are sugar scrubs beneficial? You can exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells. It’s also a great way to prepare skin for shaving. You will leave the shower hydrated too. Do not use this recipe on your face. There is a gentler recipe for the face. Enjoy!

You need 5 items:

  • Glass jar {I get the Kerr jars from Target or Walmart}

  • White organic sugar {I get mine from Costco – Kirkland brand}

  • Carrier oil {my favorite is fractionated coconut oil… but you can use sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, refined coconut oil, jojoba}

  • Essential oil {I used equal parts cassia + peppermint and it smells AMAZING}

  • Skin safe food coloring

How to Make the Sugar Scrub:

  • Fill glass jar up with sugar and pour the sugar into a glass or stainless steel bowl

  • Add carrier oil to the sugar until you get the consistency you prefer. Some people like the sugar scrub moist, while others prefer a bit more dry and coarse.

  • Add 6 drops each of cassia + peppermint essential oil.

  • Divide mixture equally into two bowls.

  • In one bowl, add red food coloring and mix until you get the desired red color.

  • Spoon the sugar scrub into the glass jar by layering red and white scrub to create your “candy cane”.

  • Add ribbon + bow + deliver to the recipient. Merry Christmas!

Gift #2 – “Gold + Frankincense + Myrrh” Rollerball blend

Gold + Frankincense + Myrrh Rollerball blend

There is a reason the wise men brought gold + frankincense + myrrh to baby Jesus.

Frankincense is commonly referred to as “the king of oils” because you can use it for EVERYTHING.

I personally use this oil every day in my vitamins, in my skincare, dabbed on my face to help with scarring and anti-aging, on my temples to promote emotional wellbeing, with my doula clients, diffused in the air, in my kids’ “boo boo blend”, and so much more!

You and your family will use frankincense often. It is a gentle oil and safe for the whole family.

Frankincense is “The Oil of Truth” and can promote feelings of love, being protected, wisdom, connection with one’s father.

How amazing that the wise men brought THIS oil to baby Jesus and his earthly parents.

Do you want to know the BEST news? You can get a FREE bottle of frankincense in December. Get in touch with me now so you don’t miss out. I already got mine.

Myrrh doesn’t get as much attention, but it is an oil worth having in your home. It has powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat. I use myrrh on my skin because it is soothing and can smooth cracked, dry skin.

When you diffuse myrrh, it has many emotional benefits too. It is “The Oil of Mother Earth” and can nurture a relationship with one’s mother. If you have had a disturbance in the bond with your mother, myrrh can help to heal and bring harmony. It can also help you to trust others.

For this rollerball blend, you can make the bottle look pretty by adding gold colored flecks or stones (I could only find sand colored ones here on O’ahu), 5 drops each of frankincense and myrrh. I used sweet almond oil to make the mixture look more golden. Put a label on the bottle, and gift this to someone to be blessed this Christmas.

Gift #3 – Holiday Room Spray

DIY Holiday Room Spray With Essential Oils

Do you LOVE the smell of Christmas like I do? Anyone can duplicate the smell all year long with essential oils in the diffuser or a glass spray bottle. The holiday room spray is so easy to make and will be sure to bring Christmas cheer to any room.

What you need:

  • Glass spray bottle (mine is 2 ounces and you can purchase them from www.shareoils.com)

  • 3 drops each of Douglas fir + grapefruit + frankincense (or you can use Holiday Joy blend)

Gift #4 – Fizzy Bath Bombs

Fizzy Bath Bombs, Malama Momma, Essential Oils

I have always loved the bath bombs from Lush. Don’t you?

You can make your own and save money.

Here is what you need:

  • 1 cup citric acid (I order mine from Amazon.com – it’s hard to find here on O’ahu)

  • 1 cup baking soda

  • ½ cup cornstarch

  • ½ cup fractionated coconut oil

  • 10 drops essential oil (we used Holiday Joy + spearmint for these Winter Wonderland ones)

  • Silicone mold

  • Optional: dried lavender tips, dried rose petals, food grade coloring, glitter

Mix together the citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and fractionated coconut oil. Add the essential oils, then stir until a soft dough forms. It will feel like damp sand. If you’re adding the optional extras (dried flowers, coloring, glitter), then now is the time to add it to the mixture. Put the mixture into the silicone molds. Let is sit out overnight (do not put it in the fridge). Remove from the molds, package them, and give as gifts. If you’re making them for yourself, add them to a pretty glass jar so you have them in advance for bath-time or foot soaks.

Drop it into the bath and relax. Kids love these too.

Here is a tip: Do not use virgin coconut oil. Make sure it is fractionated, otherwise it will be far too oily and make your bathtub too slippery.

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