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Oahu Doula Services

Aloha mommas of O’ahu,

Did you know that you have so many resources available to you on our island paradise?

From pregnancy, birth, and beyond, there are birth workers, baby wearing educators, organic farm co-op boxes, placenta encapsulators, postpartum doulas, yoga instructors, cloth diaper educators, therapists, chiropractors, infant massage instructors, hiking groups, support groups, preschool co-ops, moms clubs, Fit Moms group fitness classes, massage therapists, nannies + babysitters, keiki boutiques, meal delivery, Facebook groups, baby expos, essential oil workshops, and so much more!

You’re busy. This whole parenthood journey might be new to you, or maybe you just moved here. I’m curating blog posts from friends and colleagues on the island to highlight the rich resources and services available to you. Your journey will be so much easier with this information.

If you have a fantastic or life-changing experience with a service or resource, please let me know so I can feature them here on the website. Enjoy!

For this week, your doula tips:

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Next week I’m introducing you to my friend Kiersten Homalon of Essence from Eden Hawai’i. She makes delicious herbal remedies for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Stay tuned….

Connect with one another on the journey,

Jenna Clarke, Malama Momma


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