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What is kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented tea made with a live culture aka scoby (“symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast”), sugar, and a black tea or black and green tea mixture. Once this “tea” has fermented, it contains probiotics, enzymes, b-vitamins, acid, polyphenals, antioxidants, vinegar, and some traces of alcohol (a natural result of fermentation). Regular kombucha sipping may boost immunity and aid digestion (from those yummy probiotics), help with weight loss, detoxify the body, and many other benefits. Probiotics (good bacteria) are good for our gut. A healthy gut (gastrointestinal system) is vital in caring for and protecting our health. Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut."

Lack of good bacteria in our gut can lead to digestive issues and all sorts of sickness and even autoimmune diseases. Did you know that we have more neurotransmitters in our gut than in any other part of our body? Our enteric nervous system is comprised of millions of nerve cells that line our gastrointestinal tract. When our gut is out of balance and unhappy, it sends negative signals to our brain; this can affect our mood and lead to issues like anxiety or depression. Probiotics help to balance our gut and make it happy.

Kombucha gives us natural probiotics, so that is why we (our whole family, including the girls) like to drink ‘bucha reguarly. I also take probiotics everyday too. The company I partner with has a probiotic defense formula (pill form) that supports healthy digestive functions and boosts immunity. I also take digestive enzymes (pill form) everyday because I don’t want yucky stuff left rotting in my gut. Clean it all out, I say! Brad and I do 3-4 detox cleanses a year, all for the sake of maintaining good gut health. When we gear up for our next one (probably next month), I’ll write about it and you can consider joining us.

For our family, health and wellness starts here with prevention. Our immune system is centered in our gut. Healthy gut = healthy person. I used to not want to spend the money on daily probiotic pills or kombucha. But now that I know the benefits, I know that we can’t afford NOT to be taking them daily. We are busy people and don’t have time to get sick. Plus, being sick sucks. The last time I was actually sick (in bed not able to function) was when I was pregnant with Brown Bear 3 years ago. So far, so good with our probiotics and essential oils.

So where do we get our kombucha? Well, as per my post yesterday, our recent batch went moldy and we had to dump the whole thing down the drain. Lame-O! I was so proud of myself for FINALLY home-brewing a new batch. Did you know that Costco sells the GT’s Gingerade raw organic ‘bucha in a 6-pack for $14? I’ve been spoiled and lazy. Now I’m on the hunt for a scoby to try another batch. In the meantime, Costco gets our dollar a bit longer.

How do you make kombucha? Soon I’ll write a post. For now, you can find many websites or blogs with step by step instructions. A good one is Dr. Axe.

I’m curious. Do you like kombucha? Grossed out by it? I forgot to mention that 3 years ago, I thought it was disgusting. The look and idea of a scoby freaked me out. None of my friends in New Zealand were drinking kombucha back then (not that I knew of, anyway). Plus, it’s VERY expensive in New Zealand. I bought one at Huckleberry Farms in Royal Oak when I was there in September last year, and it was like $12. For one. Sheesh! But I think it’s worth it. Probiotics. Good gut health. Gotta protect our health.

We have big purpose to fulfill, so our health should be a top priority.

Blessings to you and may your gut always be happy,

P.S. Get in touch with me if you want more information about the probiotics, digestive enzymes, and essential oil digestive formula that I take on a daily basis. Due to compliance, I’m not able to post photos or mention the names here on my website. Check out Malama Momma on Facebook and Instagram @malamamomma for pics and posts on these products and more!

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