Malama Momma Essential Oil Educator

Morena (good morning),

I’m writing to you from a gorgeous suburb in west central Auckland. The weather is a cool 9 degrees C (48 F). It feels like Autumn because it is September. In Hawaii, I would be sweating in my seat while typing this up. We love the tropics, but a break is always refreshing.

I’m here in Aōtearoa New Zealand to teach essential oil classes, do business training with my awesome team, attend the Auckland Mama Market to share the love of natural remedies, spend time with friends + whānau (family), run/ walk a half-marathon with my sister and friend (for which I have done ZERO training), meet with local businesses to discuss incorporating essential oils into their practice, and whatever else needs to get done. Part of my business is supporting my three teams (one in New Zealand, one in Hawaii, and one a mixture of mainland U.S./ Hawaii).

When we started Mālama Momma, we knew there would be the opportunity to travel. But we never anticipated we would get to do it so soon and so often. Between my husband and I, we will aim to travel back to New Zealand at least twice a year. For those that don’t know, Brad was born in Australia but raised in Whangarei, New Zealand. We lived here for 7 years after we got married. All four of us have kiwi passports. This is home too. God is so good and He is blessing our business and opening doors to travel back here often. Our dream is to get an apartment in the city so we have more flexibility to come and go… and it’s in walking distance of our church.

While I’m here, I’ll be doing a class in Thames, two classes in Tauranga, three classes in Whangarei, a couple classes in Auckland… and maybe even a class or two in Rotorua. If you’re reading this and you would like to host a class, get in touch with me soon. We left some free days open. I’m also available for wellness consultations. The essential oils and wellness supplements we have been using for over 2 years are the best in the world. They work. They are God’s gift of the earth. We share them with others and help you incorporate them into your wellness lifestyle. Before I found these oils, I didn’t know there was a natural option that worked. Now I advocate for change, one drop at a time.

Time to go say hello to the little masters of the house. These boys are so cute and full of life. They have adopted using the oils in their daily routine. Someone once told me the true test of the oils is whether or not children accept them. Kiddos won’t use something they don’t believe in – their worlds are much more black and white. Love seeing these guys grab their oils each morning.

Aroha mai,

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