Postpartum Services

Postpartum Belly Binding

Did you know that two out of three women have abdominal separation (aka diastasis recti) after giving birth? Postpartum belly binding can help you with regaining strength, getting back to pre-pregnancy size, and easing pain. I will teach you how to check yourself for abdominal separation. While you are wrapped, we will talk about your postpartum recovery plans. I can refer you to local providers and resources to aid you in your recovery journey.  For more information on the benefits of wrapping, click here

$150 (includes your organic muslin wrap + tutorial session for you and your partner + YouTube tutorials for continued wrapping) 

$250 (includes your organic muslin wrap + two tutorial sessions for you and your partner + two AromaTouch essential oil treatments + YouTube tutorials for continued wrapping) 


First 12 Weeks 

Doula support can guide you through the delicate postpartum stage: help momma with healing, breastfeeding education, sleep solutions, newborn care advice, 24/7 phone support, nutritious meal preparation, etc. 


Newborn Care Specialist services include direct newborn care (so parents can sleep), parent education, establishing sleep routine, natural baby care education, guidance on nursery set-up and registry items, and working with your nanny or caregiver to implement baby's schedule.


Your journey into parenthood will be one of the most significant seasons of your life.  Having doula support can bring confidence and calm in your transition to life with a newborn. Your first step is giving me a call. Initial consultation interview is complimentary.