In-Home Sleep Training

If you want a coach to come alongside you and show you how to sleep train, I offer in-home support.

I will stay with you in your home, conduct a detailed assessment of baby’s environment and temperament, and create your tailored sleep action plan designed to align with your schedule. We will modify the plan as we implement.


I will be teaching you, your partner and any other family members or nannies how to implement your baby’s sleep training plan so you feel confident going forward on your own.


Each of these in-home packages come with continuous phone/ text/ email support for 2 weeks. Change doesn’t happen overnight. I will guide you through baby’s sleep training plan until you reach your goals.

Baby Photos
1 Day


24 consecutive hours of in-home support for 1 day and 1 night. 

Happy Mother with her Child
3 Days


72 consecutive hours of in-home support for 3 days and 3 nights. 

Baby Sleeping
5 Days


120 consecutive hours of in-home support for 5 days and 5 nights. 

Each of my in-home sleep training packages include:

  • Sleep questionnaire.

  • Nursery assessment and station set-up for optimal sleep conditions.

  • Recommendations for equipment and natural sleep aids.

  • Newborn care advice (swaddling, burping, settling).

  • Breastfeeding support and education.

  • Feeding advice (breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solids).

  • Gentle newborn sleep shaping and/ or infant settling and self-soothing techniques.

  • Customized daily routine and sleep plan for your family.

  • Transition plans (eg out of swaddling, crib to bed, co-sleeper to crib, night weaning, etc.).

  • Phone/ text/ email support for 2 weeks.

In-home support is available in Lexington, Kentucky, for above listed investment. For out-of-area and international locations, please note flights + airports transfers + travel per diem will be additional fee.